Phillip Foss’s Meatyballs Mobile Hits the West Loop Today

Foss and his Meatyballs Mobile
Foss and his Meatyballs Mobile Photo: courtesy of the Pickled Tongue

Though he had a couple test runs in the Gaztro-Wagon, Phillip Foss finally launched his semi-offensive Meatyballs Mobile this weekend, hitting up Wicker Park, Boys Town, and Lincoln Park among other places. Of course, if you were like us and spent your Labor Day weekend out of the city, then today marks the first time you can get a taste of Foss’s Meatyballs. He’s looking to visit the West Loop, and you can find the exact locations in real time from his Twitter account. Check out the menu below, along with a proper explanation of where that name came from.

As you may have guessed, the Meatyballs Mobile will be dishing out meatballs. But what you may not know is that these guys will also be kosher. How can this be done? Foss explains it all on his blog:

It posed a challenge in a kosher home, since you are not allowed to combine meat and dairy, and every good meatball I have ever made or eaten uses milk to help achieve the proper texture. To get around this, I substituted Coca-Cola and the results were fantastic.

Oh, and where did that name come from?

I threw out the name of Meatyballs. Kenni thought it the perfect name…

It was that easy, huh? Well you just trying writing it out a dozen times and not laughing each and every time, but perhaps that was his point. Ok, well remember check in with his Twitter feed, and let us all know how those Meatyballs are.

Meatyballs Mobile Menu

Meatyballs, Marinara, Mozz
Chicken Curry, Mango Chutney
Smoked Pork Shoulder, Apples, Cola-Bourbon BBQ
Phillip Foss’s Meatyballs Mobile Hits the West Loop Today