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Patron Saints: Eleven Madison Park Channels Miles Davis; Patsy’s Celebrates Sinatra

On September 30 at Patsy’s Italian Restaurant, Nancy Sinatra will co-host a four-course, $175 “Come Fly With Us” dinner paired with Napa Valley wines from Sinatra Family Estates, perhaps the greatest thing to happen to grapes since The Sopranos wine line. The dinner is no surprise — Patsy’s has been fiercely loyal to the Chairman of the Board ever since it stayed open on Thanksgiving just to serve him. But here’s something more unexpected: Eleven Madison Park touting Miles Davis as an inspiration?

A couple of days after changing things up in its dining room, the restaurant hosted folks from Sony Records to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Bitches Brew. Here’s the spiel from the restaurant’s e-newsletter, about what the Prince of Darkness means to EMP.

In 2006, just after Chef Daniel [Humm]’s arrival, we were reviewed by Moira Hodgson in The New York Observer. It was a very good review, but in it she said we needed “a bit more Miles Davis.” Without fully understanding what she meant, this line resonated with us, so we read as many articles as we could find about Miles, and came up with a list of the words most commonly used to describe him. This list included: Cool, Collaborative, Fresh, Vibrant, Endless Reinvention, Spontaneous, to name a few. The list has, over the last four years, been our mission statement of sorts, and has guided our efforts to evolve as a restaurant.

With our reopening, a photograph of Miles now proudly hangs in our kitchen- we hope you’ll see it soon.
Patron Saints: Eleven Madison Park Channels Miles Davis; Patsy’s