N.Y. Times Intrepidly Ventures ‘A Few Miles East on the 10’ to Eat in Downtown L.A.

Photo: L.A. Times Celebration of Food and Wine

The New York Times Travel Section turns its pen on Downtown L.A. today and opines that it “is now genuinely a place where people want to live” before adding “But, until recently, not to eat.” If you’re already shaking your head at this misguided and tardy premise, digest this misguided nugget from the article: “An increasing number of intrepid diners are venturing a few miles east on the 10 Freeway.” Does that mean “intrepid” diners who usually stick to LaCienega and Sunset, like the scribe who offered this typical tourist clap trap probably did? After mostly missing the boat, what does the N.Y. Times get right?

Clearly the writer has never picked up Counter Intelligence or heard about the actual dining hubs of intrepid L.A. eaters, like south east L.A., the San Gabriel Valley, north east L.A., or pretty much anywhere else beyond the Standard West Hollywood. But at least five of Downtown’s most worthy restaurants get a shout. Rivera, Church & State, WP24, Starry Kitchen, and Lazy Ox are appropriately mentioned for their parts in pushing food to new heights in the neighborhood. The summaries are a little weak, but fortunately the blatant practice of keeping one’s head inside of one’s East Coast booty mostly ceases once the article gets to these eateries.

Wethinks newcomers like The Gorbals, Wurstkuche, Drago Centro, Nickel Diner, LudoBites 5.0, and Bottega Louie are missing from this list after also bringing recent attention to Downtown dining, while Cedd Moses’ bars, Patina’s long-held upscale restaurants, Water Grill, and classics like Cole’s are gross omissions on a list of destination eats in Downtown.

Sorry New York Times, when it comes to jumping on L.A.’s tip, Saveur, GQ, and The New Yorker are years ahead of you. In fact, next time you come our way, you really outta let James Oseland plan your trip.

Delicious Ways to Love Downtown Los Angeles [N.Y. Times]

N.Y. Times Intrepidly Ventures ‘A Few Miles East on the 10’ to Eat in