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Niki Nakayama Resurfacing On Overland

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Down the street from Chego, a new Japanese and sushi restaurant is taking over a cool corner building that, until recently, housed a day spa. Beer and wine permit applications are filed by NJR Restaurant Group under the business name of “N. Naka.” Glancing the records at ABC which bear the chef’s name, this appears to be the resurfacing of Niki Nakayama, who closed her diminutive, though beloved Melrose sushi spot, Azami, back in 2008. What’s she bringing to Palms?

Last spring, KevinEats tracked the chef down to her gig at Arcadia’s Inaka Seafood Gourmet, which some people apparently referred to as a “budget Urasawa” for its gorgeous plates of raw fish and artistic omakase. After eating, KevinEats teased that Nakayama would indeed arrive on Overland in the near future, with an opening date planned for mid-November. It looks like the new restaurant is underway, though construction could delay its arrival. Once Nakayama returns with her own restaurant, expect Palms to jump with her loyal fans and the curious to possibly convert from the competition.

N. Naka, 3455 Overland Ave. Palms.

Niki Nakayama Resurfacing On Overland