Museum Square Employee Assaults Mid-Wilshire Food Truck Supporter

Photo: LAist

A fight! We want in! The battle between food truck-loving Mid-Wilshire office drones and employees of Museum Square, recently caught parking their cars and feeding the street’s meters to obstruct food trucks, rages on. The latest salvo comes via this LAist video that finds an “activist,” apparently a worker in support of mobile eats, stalking a Museum Square employee. Suddenly, one of the man’s feisty co-workers pulls a Sean Penn, throwing something at the amateur cinematographer and attempting to grab or swat the camera. What follows?

Reportedly, the lensman went crying to the cops and could soon be planning a lawsuit against the offending Museum Square employee. Will this incident bring a new era of confrontation between the two camps, whose fight has been brewing since summer 2009? Or could it lead to a new dialogue, perhaps uniting the split sides through the power of tacos? We’re not sure yet, but we’re absolutely convinced we wouldn’t want to brawl with the pissed-off old dude in this video, who looks generally exhausted with punks pointing cameras at him. Take a look yourself.

Video: Food Truck War on 5700 Wilshire Gets a Little Violent [LAist]

Museum Square Employee Assaults Mid-Wilshire Food Truck Supporter