Want to Win Your Election? Head to the North End.

Rudy Giuliani was spotted endorsing state treasurer candidate Karyn Polito at Ristorante Strega on Thursday, reports the Globe. Given the former New York mayor’s track record with endorsing local political candidates in Boston’s Italian neighborhood, it looks like Polito’s chances of winning the race just went up.

Giuliani has been endorsing local candidates in the North End since 1994. And with six out of six candidates winning political races after receiving Giuliani’s blessings in the North End, it’s clear the killer North End-Giuliani combination brings good luck.

Back in 1994, Giuliani headed to the North End to endorse Ralph Martin for Suffolk district attorney. In 1998, he marched in a Hanover Street parade with wannabe governor Paul Cellucci. He ate a cannolo in the neighborhood with Mitt Romney in 2002 and he attended a North End rally with Scott Brown this past January. All six candidates Giuliani gave his blessing to in the North End went on to win their respective races. And this bodes quite well for Karyn Polito’s chances of coming out on top in the state treasurer race. Now, will she celebrate with the pizza or the pasta?

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Want to Win Your Election? Head to the North End.