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Logan Square Gets Another Restaurant

Perhaps called Yaz & Cam, though we kind of hope not.
Perhaps called Yaz & Cam, though we kind of hope not. Photo: Nick Kindelsperger

Get ready Logan Square. Yeah, La Boulangerie just opened, and Jam and Wasabi are coming soon, but it looks like there will be yet another restaurant getting ready to open up on the same block. According to EveryBlock, a restaurant was granted a liquor license on September 3 for 2529 N Milwaukee Ave. The company that applied for the license is called Yaz & Cam. A quick search showed there there is no restaurant or bar with that name currently, so we’re not sure what this will be. Actually, we had originally thought that the location would be the second location for Jam (perhaps it will be directly south of New Wave?), but it looks like it is going to be something new. Any tips would be appreciated. But that’s not the only news we gleamed from Everyblock.

Looks like a new bar is popping up at 2858 North Halsted Street in Lakeview. Daniel X. O’Neil, writing for Derivative Works (he’s also the co-founder of Every Block), found the alcohol license posted on the door with the name George Street Pub on it. He also managed to locate the George Street Pub website, which is trying to act all shady with a bunch of question marks around its address.

We don’t think we’ve ever been this happy about Chicago bureaucracy, at least as it pertains to alcohol licenses. Also, special thanks to rachelleb for the tip.

New Restaurant/ Bar: George Street Pub at 2858 North Halsted Street [Derivative Works]
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Logan Square Gets Another Restaurant