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Library Bar Owners and Sheraton Delfina Enter The Coffee Arena

Sheraton Delfina's I.Cafe and Surf Bar
Sheraton Delfina’s I.Cafe and Surf Bar Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Santa Monica’s Sheraton Delfina is recruiting baristas for its brand-new i.Cafe & Surf Bar, an in-house coffee bar that just opened inside of its hotel on Pico. The good news? The spot comes wired for all your computer needs, giving another place to cyber-stalk your crush when the power goes out. There’s also menus of breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, small plates, and entrees like striped bass and steak frites, with menus viewable online. And how about the bad? It’s serving Starbucks coffee products, instead of what you’d find at Groundwork, Cielo, or Intelligentsia. Delfina, please! So, what’s happening Downtown?

Across town, the owners of Library Bar are planning their own caffeinated corner called CoffeeBar in SB Tower. The team will improve on the I.Cafe model with a center bar for baristas and customers to get up-close and personal with each other and will use Slayer espresso machines, which must rock, seeing as they’re clearly named after everyone’s favorite death metal band. We’ll make an early prediciton that they’re not serving Starbucks here.

CoffeeBar, opening early 2011 at600 S. Spring St. Downtown.

CoffeeBar to Open on Spring in Early 2011 [L.A. Downtown News via Eater]

Library Bar Owners and Sheraton Delfina Enter The Coffee Arena