Lardon Hits The Streets

Photo: Lardon Via Facebook

It’s finally time to get said lard on, as the bacon-obsessed Lardon Truck we prepared you for is ready to go. The truck’s PR firm, the first time we recall seeing a truck hitch to one, prepares our coronary arteries for its soft-launch, which occurred today in Silver Lake, and a full launch next Monday, September 20th. What will that ubiquitous devil bacon find its way into this time?

Owners Heather and Jeremiah Crowley, who a press release tells us “go through an average of 8 pounds of bacon every week for their family of five(!),” have such porcine plans as smoked bacon breakfast sandwiches and crumbled bacon on brioche French Toast for breakfast and chicken wings covered in bacon hot sauce, a BLT with Nueske’s peppered bacon, a frisee sandwich with fried egg and bacon fat vinaigrette, bacon sides, and brownies with bacon-tinged Nutella, for the rest of the day.

If all of that somehow fails to drive a stake through the heart of the bacon trend, there’s even bacon strips with with bacon blue cheese dip and weekly rotating selections of, you guessed it, more bacon!!! Follow the truck, while you’re blood is still pumping, on Twitter and Facebook. Please tell us what you think if you get your hands on their pork.

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Lardon Hits The Streets