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Introducing the Da Combo, Part II, a New Chicago Classic

Da Combo, Part II
Da Combo, Part II Photo: courtesy LTHForum

One of Chicago’s greatest foods, the Polish sausage, has its spiritual home of sorts just south of Roosevelt on South Union Avenue. There you’ll find Jim’s Original and Express Grill sitting right next door to each other, both serving up Polish sausages topped with mounds of caramelized onions along with pork chop sandwiches (an underrated creation that should get more attention). Critics have weighed in, boards have discussed, and while Jim’s is the more famous of the two, some aren’t so sure. Enter Da Beef, better known as Titus Ruscitti of Smokin’ Chokin’ and Chowing with the King. He prefers the Polish from Jim’s but the pork chop sandwich from Express. So he did something that no one had ever done. He combined them to create Da Combo, Part II (as to distinguish it from the original combo of an Italian beef and Italian sausage). It’s a thing of beauty.

Like the best sandwich innovations, it sounds so utterly obvious that it’s kind of startling that no one has done this before. Here are the instructions:

-Take an all beef Polish sausage with everything from Jim’s Original ( My pref. for a Polish) and a pork chop sandwich with everything from Express Grill (My pref. for a pork chop) and remove the bottom bun from the pork chop and place the chop on top of the Polish and eat.

Note: beware of the bone in da chop and watch your teeth.

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Introducing the Da Combo, Part II, a New Chicago Classic