Introducing Bera’s, L.A.’s Second Cheese Steak Truck

With a colorful, vintage design scheme seemingly ripped from an old Circus Vargas poster, Bera’s Custom Cheese Steaks truck rolled out this month. Does L.A. really need a second truck grilling up cheese steaks? It depends on what you think of the first, The South Philly Experience, which certainly hasn’t surpassed the quality and flavor found among L.A.’s brick and mortar cheese-steakeries. So what about this newbie?

Pat’s or Geno’s this ain’t. Bera’s is all about upping the quality of the genre with name-brand meats and hits of California produce. The steak used is Select Angus rib-eye, with options of Black Forest ham, slow-roasted pulled-pork, and white-meat poultry. Combinations eschew Cheez-Whiz (unless you’re into that) for eccentric international toppings like peanut sauce on a Thai chicken cheese steak, chiptole cream, cotija and Monterrey Jack on a Mexican-influenced version, a stromboli-influenced sandwich, vegetarian cheese steak with eggplant and mushrooms, and a Cuban cheese steak with the pork and ham combined with Swiss and cornichons.

If the eleven varieties on Bera’s menu still don’t do it for you, you can customize your own cheese steak with options of four meats, fourteen toppings (guacamole on a cheese steak, eh, why not?), nine sauces, and nine cheeses, including, yes, Cheez-Whiz. [A full menu is online](

In an attempt to do traveling cheese steaks right, the husband and wife team appear to be throwing everything at the wall. Owner Bera, a native of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, still says, “I’m a traditional guy, and at the end of the day, nothing beats the traditional Philly cheese steak,” then points to his wife as the one who goes “all “foodie” with the more eccentric recipes. Hopefully, these guys don’t lose the meats in bad bread and something sticks, or we may never leave Lincoln’s Great Western Steak & Hoagie Company again. Even if those barneys from The Shack complain it’s not “authentic.”

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Introducing Bera’s, L.A.’s Second Cheese Steak Truck