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Harry & David Orchard Popping Up In Beverly Hills

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Times have apparently been tough on the internet sales of fruit giant Harry & David. Okay, so they’re only raking in $426.8 million this year compared to the $489.6 million they took in back in 2008, but this decline continues a gradual slide in company profits through the years. So what’s a mega-food corporation to do?

Naturally, just follow the lower cost Ludo Lefebvre model and pop-up, which we envision a whole army of consultants is recommending to every brand nowadays, as in “pop-ups and food trucks are hothothot you guys! You gotta get on this!”

South Orgeon’s Mail Tribune took a look at the company’s new plans the other day, which apparently involves the implementation of said pop-ups across U.S. cities. Called Harry & David’s Orchard, the stores will be draped in bucolic scenes and allow customers, who still have access to local farmers markets, the opportunity to order Harry and David’s produce and gourmet goods through traditional retail.

L.A.’s first store is popping up on Robertson, right across from The Ivy, surely a target demo for $50 fruit baskets. However, Mondette reports that there are already 14 of these in the state, and surely more coming to our city.

The store should be opening next month. Will it revive the company’s mega-million dollar operation? Let us know what you think in our comments.

Harry & David Orchard, 108 N. Robertson Blvd. Beverly Hills.

Harry & David Orchard Popping Up In Beverly Hills