Happy Bodega Launches Tomorrow; More Cupcakes to Follow

Getting ready to roll...
Getting ready to roll… Photo: courtesy Happy Bodega

Though he may be the most vocal, Phillip Foss’s Meatyballs Mobile isn’t the only food truck that’s opening this week. Happy Bodega, which is competing in the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race, is looking to launch tomorrow. According to its Twitter feed (which is how every respectable food truck must communicate): “It’s official, we’ll launch tomorrow fully charged! look out for us mid-morning around washington and wells! see you there!” But that’s not all for you food truck enthusiasts.

More Mobile is looking to roll out around September 15. It’ll have to compete against Flirty Cupcakes, the Sprinklesmobile, and The Cupcake Gallery, in the city’s mobile cupcake invasion.

As for us, we’re just going take any chance to write out Meatyballs Mobile that we can. So hopefully we hear some news from them soon.

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Happy Bodega Launches Tomorrow; More Cupcakes to Follow