Good Luck Locating Something Decent to Eat at SugarHouse

SugarHouse Photo: Philadelphia Brownstoner

Back when SugarHouse and the seemingly stillborn Foxwoods casinos first started laying out their plans for waterfront gaming tremendous consideration was placed on how the gaming halls would not be unsightly “slots barns.” Talk often focused on offering guests upscale amenities, namely drinking and dining options that would be on par with Stephen Starr restaurants. With SugarHouse’s debut just days away, it seems like there’s a fat chance of any such thing, according to Phoodie. It turns out that the casino will not have any high-end dining options. The Refinery, which is touted as a cool contemporary restaurant, will offer guests dishes that they might recognize from the ballpark — hot dogs, burgers and sandwiches. That’s a far cry from what’s on the menu at Buddakan.

Another option, Jacks Sandwiches and Sweets, will serve sandwiches 24 hours a day, and the bar Lucky Red will serve what’s described as stadium-style food. So it seems like after all is said and done, your food and drink options at SugarHouse will either have the charm and sophistication of something along the lines of a football stadium or a highway rest stop.

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Good Luck Locating Something Decent to Eat at SugarHouse