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Sifton Leaves Fornino Park Slope to the Locals; Cuozzo, Cheshes Split on Nuela

Fornino Park Slope is “an elegantly casual Italian trattoria … a comfortable destination for those who live nearby,” says Sam Sifton. The Scotto pizza in particular is “a marvel of structural integrity, with great texture beneath the creaminess.” [NYT]
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Nuela is shrill on eyes, ears and palate … The look of the place screams ‘drunken party zone,’” laments Steve Cuozzo. Inconsistency is the main problem: “Ceviches score two times out of three … The pendulum slashes through main plates as well.” [NYP]
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“The big surprise [at Nuela] is how well the place actually works,” Jay Cheshes notes. “For better or worse, [the restaurant] has a brash party vibe … Huge entrée platters are also well suited to the fiesta spirit,” the “ceviche bar, meanwhile, is a destination in its own right.” [TONY]

Lina Frey “is not destination dining,” says Lila Byock. “The menu is unlikely to surprise … portions are small, to accommodate sharing, and the prices are as modest as the ambitions.” [NYer]
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“There are some dazzling oddities on Lu Xiang Yuan’s menu,” notes Robert Sietsema, but he’s less than thrilled with the execution. A spinach pancake “might have been mistaken for Astroturf,” and “the most promising dish on the menu was also the most disappointing,” a rose-covered roasted fish slathered in mayonnaise. [VV]

At Eataly, Gael Greene isn’t fully sold: Stingy portions mar “a mostly satisfying dinner at Manzo Ristorante”; “the bread is soft and boring” at Il Pesce, though the fish itself is extraordinary; the place “may turn out to be Walmario’s.” [Insatiable Critic]
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Sifton Leaves Fornino Park Slope to the Locals; Cuozzo, Cheshes Split on Nuela