First Look at La Boulangerie, Open Now
The chocolate baguettes are ready to go.

La Boulangerie opened quietly today in Logan Square, showcasing a selection of breads, pastries, and various specialty products from France. This continues an impressive Logan Square hot streak, which we can’t imagine slowing down until at least Jam opens up. Owner Vincent Colombet is quick to point out that the Grand Opening won’t happen until early October, when he plans to install a bread oven. Still, the shop is open now for business, with all the bread being baked at Colombet’s Cook-Au-Vin and brought in daily. We were able to get a look inside at some of the offerings, including some products which he claims are completely unique to the shop.

Colombet was very proud of the small dark loaves of malicette, which he says are only available in two other shops in the city. Also, products from Mere Poulard are for sale, which are apparently unavailable any where else in the city. It will also be selling crepes soon.

Colombet has many other ideas, including bike delivery he’s calling “Bread-Flix.” When the bread oven is installed in the shop he plans to have a timer to show when the latest round of fresh bread is ready.

La Boulangerie, 2569 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60647

First Look at La Boulangerie, Open Now