Elements Mixes Booze and Bacon On New Weekend Brunch Menu

The open-faced BLT, with bacon toast
The open-faced BLT, with bacon toast Photo: Elements

Onil Chibas’ Elements Kitchen has a new weekend brunch, and yes folks, it’s boozy! In addition to the build-your-own-waffle option, which allows additions from andouille sausage and fried chicken to a more refined fresh lemon kurd, there are ten mid-morning cocktails hand-made with fresh ingredients. What will you be drinking here?

Expect a Cajun update on the Bloody Mary, with Tabasco and cayenne pepper, as well as a “verde Maria,” using tequila, green tomato, and tomatillo. There’s also a thyme-infused Bellini, a blueberry pancake-inspired cocktail with fresh berries and Tahitian rum, a “cracked maple” mixed with bourbon and maple syrup, and iced Brazilian coffee with cachaca.

And by now we all know that nothing goes as great with bacon as…more bacon! Which must make the Applewood bacon and whiskey-laced “royal breakfast of champions” cocktail a perfect match for Element’s open-faced fried egg and bacon sandwich, which even comes served with, you got it, bacon toast! And as expected from this locavore haven, all jams are made in-house. Check out the full brunch and booze menus below.

Elements Kitchen, 107 South Fair Oaks Ave. Pasadena. 626-440-0100.


Elemental Belgian Waffle 11
Whipped butter • Maple syrup

Add your elements:
Mixed berries 3
Vanilla bean whipped cream 1
Seasonal fruit compote 3
Brown butter ice cream 2
Lemon curd 3
Fried chicken & Louisiana hot sauce 6
Homemade peanut butter,
brown sugar & raisins 3
Spicy Andouille sausage gravy 5


Buckwheat Pancakes with Blueberries Jubilee 13
Available with vanilla ice cream 2

Open-Faced Fried Egg & Bacon Sandwich 14
Bacon toast •Tomato tapenade • Aioli • Lyonnaise potatoes

Breakfast Pot Pie 13
Scrambled eggs • Mushroom & onions • Confit tomatoes • Thyme cream sauce

La Prima Colazione 15
Fiscalini cheddar • Toma della roca • Prosciutto • Italian salami • Summer fruit • Fresh bread

Smoked Salmon Benedict on Homemade English Mufn 16
Sautéed spinach & garlic • Poached eggs • Lyonnaise potatoes

Shrimp & Grits 18
Anson Mills grits • Cajun tomato cream gravy

Thai Spiced Hanger Steak Salad 20
Mixed greens • Summer vegetables • Vermicelli noodles • Curry lime vinaigrette

Farro Biryani 12
Mixed greens • Apricot chutney • Raita • Papadum

“Fettuccini Carbonara” 13
(Gluten Free)
Green plaintains • Onions • Bacon • Peas • Cream

Breads & Pastries

Scones 3
Brioche cinnamon roll 3
Tea bread 3
Madeleines 2
Assorted brunch basket 9
Homemade English mun 3
Bolivian cheese empanada 6
Sweet cream sauce

2-eggs any style 4
Applewood smoked bacon 4
Schreiner’s breakfast sausage 4
Crispy marinated tofu 4
Lyonnaise potatoes 5
Seasonal fruit 6
Toast with jam 2

Weekend Brunch Cocktails

Pride of Pasadena 10
Orange Muscat, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup,
Fresh Strawberries, Rose Water served
over crushed ice.

Cajun Bloody Mary 10
Vodka, Fresh Tomato Juice, Fresh
Horseradish, Worcestershire Sauce,
Tabasco Sauce, Lime Juice,
Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper

Verde Maria 10
Tequila, Fresh Green Tomato and
Tomatillo Juice, Orange Juice, Cilantro, Jalapenos, Mint, Horseradish

Elements Screwdriver 10
Vodka, lemon juice, house made
lavender simple syrup, Combier
Liqueur de Orange, Valencia Orange,
Soda Water served on a rock

Cracked Maple Leaf 10
Bourbon Whisky, lemon juice, maple syrup, black pepper served on a rock

Blueberry Pancake 10
Kilo Kai Spiced Tahitian Rum, lemon juice, maple syrup, fresh blueberries and
blackberries served with crushed ice

Bellini Thyme 10
Sparkling Prosecco, Simple syrup, Thyme, Nectarine, Orange Bitters served in a champagne flute with crushed ice

Irish Coffee 8
Irish Whisky, Coffee, Simple Syrup, Cream

Iced Brazilian Coffee 8
Cachaca, Coffee, Simple Syrup, Cream,
Allspice served over ice

Royal Breakfast of Champions 10
Rye Whisky, lemon juice, maple syrup,
Apple wood Smoked Bacon, Whipped Egg, Angostura Bitters

Elements Mixes Booze and Bacon On New Weekend Brunch Menu