El Carmen Is Having A Quinceañera; Lake Street Creamery Welcomed To Mad Men Set

• Mark Gold, president of Heal the Bay and the brother of L.A. Weekly critic Jonathan Gold, says environmentalists are “in shock” over the California senate’s failure to pass environmental legislation this week, including a ban on plastic grocery bags and BPA, a chemical used in baby bottles and sippy cups. [L.A. Times]

• The owners of Lake Street Creamery Ice Cream Truck were welcomed onto the set of Mad Men in response to their Don Draper flavor. [Huffington Post]

• A judge ruled yesterday that “ladies nights” at bars and restaurants are perfectly constitutional. [NYP]

• Sean McPherson’s tequila bar El Carmen is about to have its quiñceanera, but will first celebrate Mexican Independence and “El Grito” on September 15th. [PR Web]

• At least four were killed during a protest over rising food costs in Mozambique yesterday. [NYT]

• White Castle is currently testing three new restaurant concepts, which focus on barbecue, sandwiches, and noodles, respectively. [NRN]

• A new study finds that organically grown strawberries are higher in vitamin C and antioxidants but lower in potassium and phosphorus than their counterparts. [L.A. Times]

• First L.A. Limo contacted local culinary schools to offer discount rates to those who want to attend Wolfgang Puck’s American Wine and Food Festival on September 25th. [I-Newswire]

• Contrary to consumer belief, the “Grade A” stamp on eggs has nothing to do with safety and just means the eggs are the right size and color. [WSJ]

• British supermarket chain Tesco is now making movies, which are only sold at its stores. [Time]

El Carmen Is Having A Quinceañera; Lake Street Creamery Welcomed To Mad