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East Villagers Are Now Freaked Out About Bagel Shops, Even

While Daniel Squadron hits the East Village to promote that new law allowing the State Liquor Authority to revoke the licenses of bars that receive six or more noise or disorder complaints within 60 days, at least one East Villager is worked up about a bagel store, of all things. Christopher Pugliese, the owner of Tompkins Square Bagels (opening at 165 Avenue A), had previously told EV Grieve that he wouldn’t be applying for a booze license; now a commenter on that blog is claiming that the building’s management told tenants that Pugliese plans to open a “HUGE BAGEL SHOP” that will be “OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY AND HAVE BACKYARD TABLES AND CHAIRS.”

Another commenter thinks “there are just too many people in the East Village now” and insists the storefront remain empty, to which Pugliese responds: “My Nana and Papa, Mom and Dad, me, we all grew up in busy parts of town. I’m not going to let anything happen in my shops that I wouldn’t want to happen if they were living upstairs.” Amazing that the owner of a bagel shop would have to issue such assurances. He also says he won’t be open 24 hours and won’t sell rolling papers or lottery tickets — but how about nutcracker?

On a related note, Guest of a Guest looks at the cases of Pulino’s Café, Sin Sin, and Aces and Eights in order to determine what they did right and wrong in appeasing the neighbors.

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East Villagers Are Now Freaked Out About Bagel Shops, Even