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Don’t Fear That Raw Egg In Your Drink

Those are pasteurized egg whites...
Those are pasteurized egg whites…

The hubbub over disgusting, industrially farmed eggs continues following that whole Salmonella business, and today CHOW even provides us a roundup of the “Top 10 ‘Holy Shit’ Things About the Egg Recall,” which includes sordid details about leaking liquid manure, discarded hog corpses, etc. But also today, the Bay Citizen brings us a couple of videos about drinking raw eggs, in the form of pasteurized, totally safe egg whites that places like Pisco Latin Lounge mix into their Pimiento Cielo. But before they can even order, some dude sitting at the bar says he’ll never touch another egg after working in an egg farm as a kid. “They live in shit and piss and it’s disgusting,” he says.

… And with that, we leave you for the long weekend folks. Cheers. Drink up.

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Don’t Fear That Raw Egg In Your Drink