DeLuca’s License in Jeopardy; Craft Brewing on the Rise

• DeLuca’s Market could lose its beer and wine license after allegedly selling fire-damaged wine at its Newbury Street location. [Herald]

• Craft brewing is on the rise in Massachusetts. [Globe]

• May’s frosts are resulting in a diminished apple crop in New England. [Globe]

• Prifti’s Homemade Candy of Worcester will soon close after 45 years in business. [Herald]

• More and more Americans are exploring gluten-free diets, partly because of the influence of celebrities. [USA Today]

• The Food & Drug Administration will hold hearings on genetically modified salmon this week. [ABC]

• British animal rights activists are angry about the country’s increasing use of halal meat, which, they say, is slaughtered in a way that causes needless pain. [NYP]

• A judge ruled Friday that Kid Rock and his entourage must pay $40,000 in damages from a 2007 fight at Waffle House. [NYP]

• A Cincinnati high school recently added baby carrots to its vending machines. [NYDN]

• Josh Ozersky thinks Five Guys is the most overrated burger in America. [Esquire]

DeLuca’s License in Jeopardy; Craft Brewing on the Rise