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Cat Cora Cooks With Muppets, Appears Annoyed

Chef Cat Cora, the first female Iron Chef and executive chef for Bon Appétit, stars in a new set of kiddie cooking videos with the Muppets titled “The Muppets Kitchen with Cat Cora” and “Hasty Tasty Cooking Tips With Cat Cora.” She showed up on CBS’s Early Show this morning along with Fozzie and an Italian-accented puppet named Angelo to demonstrate how to make lamb sliders. Angelo, you see, is the new and equally ethno-insulting replacement for the Swedish Chef, or something.

Fozzie was just along to make forced puns, asking, “So this has lamb in it? I have that on my floors! Get it? Laminate?”

Cat tries to be a good sport and seem amused through it all, but she clearly isn’t great with unscripted moments and would prefer not to be interrupted every three seconds by a puppet.

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Cat Cora Cooks With Muppets, Appears Annoyed