Budweiser Eyes Hipsters; Egg Farm Owners Testify

• In an effort to appeal to younger, hipper consumers, Budweiser will give away free beers across the country on September 29. [USAT]

• The owners of the tainted egg farm responsible for the recent salmonella outbreak will testify in front of a House subcommittee today and apologize. [USAT]

• Though Scott Sartiano and Richie Akiva’s new spot the Darby is modeled after old-school supper clubs, they won’t refer to it as such, noting that “Every place on Long Island calls itself a supper club.” [NYP]

• KFC is now advertising the Double Down on the butt of female college students’ sweatpants. [USAT]

• Ruby Tuesday will open 200 fast-casual Lime Fresh Mexican Grill outlets. [NRN]

• The popularity of homemade Nutcracker drinks in Harlem and Washington Heights reminds some of the bootlegging era. [NYT]

• The meals prepared by Ahmadinejad’s personal chef are allegedly making the whole Hilton Manhattan East smelly. [Page Six/NYP]

Budweiser Eyes Hipsters; Egg Farm Owners Testify