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BLT Burger, Er, Go Burger, Coming to Hollywood

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

BLT Burger is coming to Hollywood, with its sights set on the famous intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Vine, neighboring Bodega. The restaurant is an off-shoot of BLT Steak and has existing locations in Greenwich Village and Las Vegas. One thing it does not have is Laurent Tourondel, the chef who helped start this empire, first with BLT Steak, before putting the “LT” into the name of such further expansions as BLT Fish and BLT Market. (UPDATE: The restaurant’s PR informs us that this will be called Go Burger, though it comes from BLT Restaurant Group and has applied for a liquor license as BLT Burger.) What happened to Tourondel?

The restaurant group behind the restaurant recently sued their former partner for starting his own chain, LT Burger, with similar menu items and a burger recipe with marked similarity to their own. The good news is this burger, and the adult milkshakes that come with it, are highly regarded, with New York Magazine’s Adam Platt deeming it the best mid-priced burger of 2007. The restaurant is currently under construction, with an opening date, and hopefully more beef, still months away.

BLT Burger, coming soon to 6290 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood.

BLT Burger, Er, Go Burger, Coming to Hollywood