Belicious Truck Predicts Green Smoothies and Green Pockets

Photo: Belicious

If the porky Lardon bacon truck isn’t to your tastes, prepare yourself for Belicious Green Smoothies, a new truck coming hot on the heels of Organic Oasis, the first of the roaming-smoothie-kind. What does Belicious have in store for your taste buds and their own bank accounts?

On a website the truck promises “to make a lot of money,” and also sell frozen drinks made from organic whole fruits and vegetables, with no added-sugars or juices. But back to the money for a minute. Right now, the truck is looking for a manager and makes plain that many trucks are planned in the future, in addition to merchandise and even a TV channel.

Even creepier than your ordinary average food truck, Belicious is utilizing a windowless white cargo van, much like that one parked across the street always eying us. We champion this promotion of green organic whole fruits, especially seeing as we’re not getting enough these daysw, but we hope these guys are prepared for the often rough road ahead for food trucks, especially with such high hopes. At least, in one early coup, they seem to be cozying up to Dr. Oz. An opening date is uncertain, so stay tuned to its blogs for news and details.

Belicious Truck Predicts Green Smoothies and Green Pockets