Apartment-to-Table: A Rooftop Honey Tasting and a Homebrew Tour

Photo: Gut Instinct

’Tis the season for tasting events. To mention just one, Diner’s Journal, A Tiger in the Kitchen, Bionic Bites, and Serious Eats have coverage of the Asian Feastival we mentioned along with a few others. But of all the fall tastings, only two are cloaked in an aura of shadowy illicitness. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much — beekeeping has been legalized in New York City, but it happened so recently that a rooftop honey tasting still feels furtive, as does a roving tasting of Brooklyn’s basement brews. Details below!

Honey and Beer at Beer Table
What: Eagle Street Rooftop Farm and other city beekeepers get together for a citywide honey tasting featuring beers brewed with honey.
When and Where: Beer Table, September 20, 7 till 9 p.m.
Tickets: $34. E-mail to make a reservation.

Brooklyn Homebrewers Tour
What: Gut Instinct’s Joshua M. Bernstein leads you to three apartments where homebrewers will pony up their suds. See Fork in the Road’s coverage of last year’s event.
When and Where: September 25 and October 2, meeting spot to be announced
Tickets: $25. E-mail “josh.bernstein at gmail dot com”

Also! If these homegrown tastings are your thing, don’t miss Food to Blog’s account of a foraging in Central Park with “Wildman” Steve Brill. His calendar of upcoming tours can be found here.

Apartment-to-Table: A Rooftop Honey Tasting and a Homebrew Tour