Temporary Closings

Anisette Isn’t Done Yet…Oh Wait, Yes It Is

Photo: Alain Giraud

If you mourned the loss of one more great eating option at Third Street Promenade last Friday after hearing the news of Anisette’s closure, you were probably confused to see it open over the weekend. Indeed, the brasserie’s reps announced an imminent shutter after owners “decided that it is no longer a viable business, and therefore must close its doors.” Another note followed fast on the heels of the first, announcing that Anisette would remain open while the ownership changes and future plans for the restaurant are assembled. Squid Ink spoke with a defiant Alain Giraud, who was understandably agitated, stating, “It’s bullshit…We’re still open, we’re going to stay open.” (Update: Squid Ink hears from the chef today that Anisette is officially closed and he’s working on a smaller project. Confusing communication indeed. No wonder Giraud is going to do his own PR in the future).

It’s even harder to believe Anisette is done, considering the recent announcement that the restaurant would expand with an O.C. location. But here’s hoping this is not the end of the French jewel any time soon, nor the end of Giraud’s great regional menu series.

Yes, Anisette Brasserie Is Open: Changes Coming, Stay Tuned [Squid Ink/L.A. Weekly]

Anisette Isn’t Done Yet…Oh Wait, Yes It Is