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Which Wich? Coming to Sawtelle

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

With so many intriguing options in “Little Osaka,” it’s not too hard to digest the closing of Quiznos on Sawtelle at Olympic. But another national sandwich chain is coming in its place, albeit one unfamiliar to Los Angeles. Which Wich?, a self-described “superior sandwich” shop will take over the ditched space, focusing on a variety of 50 sandwiches and leaving soups, salads, wraps, and the like out of the picture. Ordering here is kind of like at The Counter, you get a Sharpie to mark the bathroom which one of ten breads you’d like and select from a similar group of cheeses, ingredients, and sauces. What looks appealing here already?

The menu appears vastly more sophisticated than Subway or Quiznos, with sections for seafood and Italian sandwiches like a shrimp po’boy and a muffaletta, plus additions of Cuban, vegetarian Elvis sandwiches, and classics like BLTs and Monte Cristo. The chain encourages customers to doodle on their doggie bags and post to their website, part of Wich Wich’s attempts to build “community” Aww… Better yet? They have a money-back guarantee on every single order! Woo-hoo! Find more details and a menu on Wich Wich’s website.

Which Wich?, coming soon to 2212 Sawtelle Blvd. West L.A.

Which Wich? Coming to Sawtelle