You Can Have Jon Myerow’s Blackberry When You Take It From His Cold Dead Hands

A rendering of Biba
A rendering of Biba Photo: Courtesy Jon Myerow

Jon Myerow, owner of Center City’s two wine-cheese-beer bars Tria as well as the brains behind University City’s forthcoming Biba, thinks that too many people today are too dependant on smart phones, computers and other digital gadgets. He also believes bars like his are places where people should focus their attention on conversation and the food and drinks in front of them. That’s why when Biba opens later this month it will not have TVs, WiFi or any other technological distractions. “We actually considered confiscating people’s smart phones at the door,” Myerow told Grub Street. “We decided not to do that, because I would be the first one to refuse to give up my Blackberry without a fight.”

“We are all addicted to technology,” Myerow said. “We have the same policy at Tria. Some people call it a timely concept, but I think its actually a very ancient concept. It’s just people drinking, eating and talking.”

Biba, which is designed to promote social interaction will feature a farmhouse-industrial atmosphere. It will feature millwork created from a century-old Philadelphia water tower, which itself came from redwood trees that would now be 400 years old. Large picture windows that open to an outdoor patio, a large glass wine storage wall and all communal seating will add to Biba’s lively and social vibe. It is slated for a late August opening.

Biba, 3131 Walnut Street, (215) 222-BIBA,

You Can Have Jon Myerow’s Blackberry When You Take It From His Cold Dead