What to Eat at Tinga, Now Open on LaBrea

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Now that our hands are on the menu, we see that Tinga, the new taqueria opened last week on LaBrea, isn’t following Super Rica step-by-step in recipes, so much as in style. The menu of 21 items is “still being tweaked,” according to Squid Ink, but ChowHounds are already heaping praise on the place, with one normally hyperbole-resistant dude calling it, “Some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had,” even if he feels it’s “’high end’ Mexican that attracts mostly gringos.” What’s on the menu?

Tinga Interior

Looking to the menu, Tinga starts with a selection of five tacos, including short rib with herbed salsa verse and potato mash as well as papas bravas with rajas, 72-hour cochinita pibil, and pork with “dog-snout” salsa. Naturally, there’s chicken tinga plus ten-dollar quesadillas, “not yo’ nachos,” and about ten side plates like grilled corn with lime and salt, a watermelon salad, and queso fundido with mushrooms. Check out the full menu of food and drinks below.

Tinga, 142 S. La Brea.

Tinga Menu

Tacos a la Carte
(homemade hand-pressed tortillas served with chips, salsa, and grilled corn)

Cochinita Pibil
bitter orange, 72-hour pork, habanero salsa, cabbage, pickled onions $6.50

Papas Bravas
potato, pasilla rajas, chayote $5.50

Puerco Especial
Garlic and cumin rubbed pork loin, peperjack, poblano, dog snout salsa $6.50

Steak Picado
grilled flat-iron steak, chipotle, escabeche, avocado, lime $8.50

Short Rib Deshabrada
herbed salsa verde, potato mash

Albergue Especial

Chicken Tinga
shredded chicken, tomato chipotle, lettuce, crema, pickled onion on tostada $7.50

Not Yo Nacho
thick corn chips, crema, queso fresco, pickled onion w/ chicken tinga $10.50

chicken, roasted red pepper, cilantro, lime, chipotle $10.95

Simple Quesadilla
goat cheese, black bean puree $9.00

Mushroom Quesadilla
mushrooms, cheese, chipotle crema $9.50

Platos Adicional

Arroz con crema $5.00

White Beans
cucumber, mint, onion, epazote $5.50

Frijoles de la Olga $3.00

Elote Especial
grilled fresh corn, cream, poblano puree, pinch of lime and salt $5.00

Arugula Mango Jicama Salad $10.00

Caesar Mexico Salad $9.00

Watermelon Salad
queso fresco, serrano, lime $7.50

Queso Fundido
with mushrooms $7.50
with chorizo $9.50

Chips $1.50

Salsa $5.00

Guacamole $6.50

Fresh Drinks (24 oz.) $3.75
-watermelon lemonade

Soda $2.00
Tea $3.50

What to Eat at Tinga, Now Open on LaBrea