What to Eat at Rub BBQ Company, Open Now

Time for some more pork.
Time for some more pork. Photo: courtesy Rub BBQ

Following hot on the barbecue sauced heels of Lillie’s Q (and Smokey Bears, for that matter), comes Rub BBQ Company in Rogers Park. Chef Jared Leonard hopes to distinguish the joint from the dozen other barbecue openings this summer by focusing on the meat and the rub. On the restaurant’s web site, he declares that “BBQ is created simply from top quality meats accompanied by a dry rub…Our house-made sauce is served on the side, but most of our customers agree that you don’t need it.” According to Chicago Magazine, that dry rub features fourteen different spices. The shop opened today at 11 a.m., but make sure to check out the full menu below.

Like most recent barbecue openings, the restaurant features ribs, pulled pork, chicken, and brisket, along with some burgers and something called the Signature RUB Panini, which features “either pulled chicken or pork and topped with sharp cheddar and house chutney.”

Dish Flash: Rub BBQ Opens Tomorrow [Chicago Magazine

All our meats are rubbed in our secret blend of spices and set to chill for 24 hours before we smoke ‘em low and slow! Served with coleslaw. Add the Loaded Mac n’ Cheese or Meaty Beans for $2.99

St. Louis Style Spare Ribs
Saucy, tender and spicy finger lick’n great! Full Slab $17.99, Half Slab $9.99
Pulled Pork
Hand-pulled, moist with sauce and full of flavor! $6.99
Pulled Chicken
Hand-pulled and loaded with kick’n spice! $6.99
Delicious primal cut of meat. Tender, juicy and smoky! $7.99

Sandwiches and Burgers
All our sandwiches are loaded with meat, tender and moist with sauce and set in a fresh, locally made bun. Served with coleslaw. Add the Loaded Mac n’ Cheese or Meaty Beans for $2.99

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Hand-pulled, slow-smoked and served in a signature sauce $6.99
Pulled Pork Sliders (3)
Great finger food sized serving! Perfect for sharing just a taste $9.99
Brisket Sandwich
Sliced all-beef primal cut meat with a crusted edge $7.99
Pulled Chicken Sandwich
Juicy, with a kick of spice. In our signature sauce $6.99
Signature RUB Panini
Pressed with either pulled chicken or pork and topped with sharp cheddar and house chutney $7.99
BBQ Burger
burger topped with pulled pork, signature sauce and cheese $7.99

Appetizers, Salads and Must Have Treats
All our sides and desserts are made with fresh, gourmet ingredients. They are the perfect compliment to any meat or sandwich or as a meal on their own!

Loaded Mac n’ Cheese
Handcrafted with 5 artisan cheeses! $6.99
Meaty Beans
Packed full of house-seasoned sausage $6.99
Custard-filled Cornbread
Made with a moist, mouthwatering custard center $1.99
House-made Coleslaw
Fresh, crispy and made in house daily $1.99
Slam’n Salad
Scrumptious mix of veggies and greens topped with pulled pork or chicken and our house seasoned ranch dressing and cheeses! $7.99
RUB Bar-B-Cookie (A MUST HAVE!)
Gigantic, gooey and warm, chocolate chip cookie baked with TLC and topped with vanilla ice-cream! Enough for two! $6.99
Finger Lick’n Texas Sheet Cake
Rich, cocoa cake with a decadent glazed icing top! $3.99
Never Forgotten Cobbler
Your choice of apple or peach with a rich and crispy crust! $4.99

For the Little Ones
Keep those little ones happy and growing with some of our fun foods for kids!

Chicken Fingers
All white meat chicken with our RUB BBQ sauce for dipping! Served with fries or salad. $4.99
Pulled Pork or Chicken Sliders (2)
Perfect for little BBQ fans! Perfect for finger lick’n! Served with fries or salad. $4.99
Grilled Cheese Panini
A staple for all kids! Cheesy goodness! Served with fries or salad. $3.99
Superhero Salad
A kids size Slam’n salad with chicken or pork on top. $4.99

Soft drinks, Iced tea and Water. $1.00
What to Eat at Rub BBQ Company, Open Now