What to Eat at Benchmark, Open Now in Old Town

Photo: Courtesy: Benchmark

With its chic modern design and retractable roof garden, vast bar-restaurant Benchmark is either a new standard-bearer for yuppie bars in Old Town, or the site of some sort of retro-futuristic Cold War summit. The menu is purely 2010 bar fare, but there’s one particularly interesting item: Korean-style tacos. Not to get all David Brooks here, but it’s pretty remarkable that an ethnic food item has gone this quickly from street food to chic restaurant fare. If you make it through the line, past the doorman, and your appetite’s still not up for kogi, here are your other dining options:


Mini-Wiches — 3 for $8 or 6 for $14

Cheese Burgers
Grilled sliders with Merkt’s Cheddar Cheese

Turkey Burger
Mini turkey burger in a pita with cucumber, tomato, feta and tzatziki relish

Pulled Pork
Braised Berkshire pork with napa cabbage slaw

Hot Soft Pretzels $9
Boneless & Bone-In Chicken Wings $9
Hummus & Baba Ganoush $9
Chips & Salsa $6

Soups, Salads or Wraps

House salad $8
Southwest salad $12
Cowboy Steak Salad $14
Chicken Tortilla Soup $5

Pizza $11

Cured chorizo, Manchego cheese, piquillo peppers & fresh basil

Wild Mushroom & Asparagus
Seasonal mushrooms and asparagus, topped with fresh spinach and truffled Pecorino cheese

Meatball Pomodoro
Homemade meatballs, cherry tomatoes, onions, white sauce and Mozzarella cheese, finished with basil and cracked black pepper

Pepperoni or Sausage
Rustic tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese and your choice of pepperoni or sausage

Sandwiches & More

Benchmark Cheeseburger $10
Merkt’s Bacon Cheeseburger $11
Turkey Burger $10
Parisian Steak $11
Chipotle Gouda Chicken $9
Korean Steak Tacos $9
Fish Tacos $10

Sides $4

House French fries, Tater tots, Sweet Potato fries, Jasmine rice, Monterey bean salad


The Skillet Cookie $9

Benchmark; 1510 N. Wells St., nr. North Ave.; 312-649-9640

What to Eat at Benchmark, Open Now in Old Town