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Welcome to Boston, Shaq: Here’s Where to Eat

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Shaquille O’Neal is officially a Celtic, reports the Celtics Blog. While past visits to the Hub have seen Shaq at Bricco and Legal Sea Foods (of course), he can do better now that he’s a Bostonian. We scoured Shaq’s amazing Twitter account to find his food preferences and offer up our humble recommendations.

Diners: Last February, Shaq famously invited fans to meet him at Arizona’s 50s-themed 5 & Diner. Should the basketball star feel the urge to eat alone at a Boston diner, he’s got plenty of options. South Street Diner is the expected choice, but we have genuine concerns about his 7’1” frame fitting into the tiny booths. Better to drive a little ways and hit up Dedham’s 50’s Diner for a BLT followed by a slice of their exemplary pie.

Ice Cream: Just yesterday, Shaq proudly boasted of his ability to beat a fan in an ice cream eating competition. Good news, Shaq! Boston might be the world’s best ice cream city and you’ve got a plethora of options. A Back Bay residence seems likely for someone of his considerable resources and from there, it’s just a short walk to the Newbury Street J.P. Licks.

Italian: Last year, Shaq offered up a recommendation for Cleveland’s best Italian fare with “lasagna off da chain.” Boston also has plenty of chainless lasagna spots, from the adventurous (Rocca’s spicy version with tripe, olive misto, and basil) to the classic (the red sauce standard at Anchovies).

What about you? Any recommendations for Boston’s newest giant?

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Welcome to Boston, Shaq: Here’s Where to Eat