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User Reviews: Hill Country Should Hold the Barbecue Sauce

We have full faith in the culinary opinions of our stalwart critics, Adam Platt, Rob Patronite, and Robin Raisfeld, but sometimes what we really want to hear is what the average diner has to say. So we turn to’s restaurant user reviews for guidance. This week: Hill Country, Los Pollitos II, Bar Stuzzichini, Abe & Arthur’s, and Grimaldi’s Pizzeria.

Hill Country, current rating: 6
“Hill Country would do themselves a favor by not serving any BBQ sauce vs. their cheap, bottled-by-someone-else sauce. Besides the fact that it’s unauthentic for their namesake, it’s like putting A1 on a dry-aged ribeye. You just don’t do that.” kevinbarnett

Los Pollitos II, current rating: 6
“The ambiance and the Mexican music made me feel as if I had crossed the border and stepped into a little town in Mexico.” DonnaK

Bar Stuzzichini, current rating: 6
“Color me bourgeois, but I haven’t found too many places where I can enjoy octopus followed by rabbit while sipping on an eclectic selection of Italian beers.” BTOner

Abe & Arthur’s, current rating: 7
“I probably could have had a better steak at T.G.I. Friday’s, to be quite honest.” Foodie272

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, current rating: 6
“Grimaldi’s has become mostly a tourist attraction … most people waiting on the line to get in were studying NYC street maps and guide books. Inside, it felt like a factory, where the chefs were slapping ingredients together as fast as they could with little care, to get the hoards waiting outside into the restaurant as soon as possible.” Pizzalover

Surely you have opinions about the places where you’ve been eating. Leave a review for your favorite (or least-favorite) restaurant, and you just might find yourself featured here.

User Reviews: Hill Country Should Hold the Barbecue Sauce