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User Reviews: ABC Kitchen’s Salted-Caramel Sundae Is a Religious Experience

We have full faith in the culinary opinions of our stalwart critics, Adam Platt, Rob Patronite, and Robin Raisfeld, but sometimes what we really want to hear is what the average diner has to say. So we turn to’s restaurant user reviews for guidance. This week: ABC Kitchen, Prime KO, Acappella, Sanctuary T, and A Salt & Battery.

ABC Kitchen, current rating: 9
“I had the Sundae with Salted Caramel Ice Cream, candied peanuts, caramel popcorn, chocolate sauce and whipped cream — which was like a religious experience.” joycevdb

Prime KO, current rating: 3
“If you want kosher, go out to a kosher restaurant. If you want Japanese, go out to a Japanese restaurant. The mix is stupid.” monoclide

Acappella, current rating: 3
“I had to tell the guy three times that I didn’t want a pasta sampler, I just wanted the ravioli. If he said one more time ‘I’ll make it nice for you,’ I would have screamed.” abbottwood

Sanctuary T, current rating: 6
“Who would have thought to mix green tea with alcohol! … I’m definitely becoming a regular.” kenzo80

A Salt & Battery, current rating: 7
“I honestly felt like an Englishman just having his everyday meal … Restaurants [like this] are what I love about this culinary city.” lilwayne

Surely you have opinions about the places where you’ve been eating. Leave a review for your favorite (or least-favorite) restaurant, and you just might find yourself featured here.

User Reviews: ABC Kitchen’s Salted-Caramel Sundae Is a Religious