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User Reviews: Zenkichi’s Tofu Is an ‘Insane Delicacy’

We have full faith in the culinary opinions of our stalwart critics, Adam Platt, Rob Patronite, and Robin Raisfeld, but sometimes what we really want to hear is what the average diner has to say. So we turn to’s restaurant user reviews for guidance. This week: Zenkichi, Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano, Katz’s Deli, the Standard Grill, and Luke’s Lobster.

Zenkichi, current rating: 8
“The tofu is homemade and while I’d much rather eat a burger than a soy patty, their tofu is like an insane delicacy … somewhere between fresh mozzarella or mascarpone and the most tender piece of fatty meat.” YesItookthetimetodothis

Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano, current rating: 8
“Like a big tortilla chip with cheese and sauce.” chairplayer

Katz’s Delicatessen, current rating: 7
“If you think [this restaurant is] supposed to be grungy and dirty, then you’ve seen too many movies from the 70s and it is distorting your memories. Your grandfather would never walk into that place when he was younger if it looked like it does today.” tmdpny

The Standard Grill, current rating: 6
“A painfully attractive staff, retro-referenced design, quality food and deserts that are so perfectly kitsch … the meal was topped off with a night-cap of milk and chocolate chip cookies, served in a way too charming for words.” brittanycarcova

Luke’s Lobster, current rating: 8
“Pros: tasty food, speedy service during off-hours Cons: still pretty spendy, even if it is cheap for lobster.” simplegrrrl

Surely you have opinions about the places where you’ve been eating. Leave a review for your favorite (or least favorite) restaurant, and you just might find yourself featured here.

User Reviews: Zenkichi’s Tofu Is an ‘Insane Delicacy’