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Try Some Pork-Bun Ice Cream With Fort Greene’s Ice Cream Club

If ice cream from an indie-owned truck doesn’t hit enough of your summer-dessert-trend buttons, why not try making your own wacky flavors at home, formalized as part of a monthly tasting club? ABC 7 found just that: Fort Greene’s Ice Cream Club, a group of friends who meet monthly to taste homemade ice cream and swap ice-cream-making tips. “There’s such an amazing culture of food and collectivism and all of that right now in Brooklyn,” club founder Jonathan Soma explains. “It seemed like a place that [the club] could really take off.”

Ice Cream Club’s gatherings go way beyond chocolate and vanilla — the club traffics in esoteric flavors like the terrific-sounding cardamom-lime and Grape-Nuts raisin — as well as less successful endeavors. “I thought about leveraging some blows to my head in the hopes that I would forget the horrible experience,” Soma writes about his pork-bun-and-mayo experiment, and he tells ABC that his blue-cheese-studded Buffalo-chicken version “tasted terrible.” You can join the club for $5, or join their “ice cream CSA” — monthly samples throughout the summer — for a mere $27.

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Try Some Pork-Bun Ice Cream With Fort Greene’s Ice Cream Club