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Three Martini Lunch at Le Meridien

Photo: Sgt. Gooch/flickr

Watching a lot of Mad Men? Reenact the boozy glory with a lunch at the new Le Meridian at 1421 Arch St. Amuse, the hotel restaurant, will serve three martinis with onion soup and steak frites for $30. And for those not inclined to head back to the office tipsy or oblivious, you can return to Amuse later for your gin fix. Or you can book a swanky room and call it a day. Read on for the martini menu.

• The Dirty Martini: Svedka, olive juice and regular or Blue cheese stuffed green olives

• The Classic Vodka Martini: Stolichnaya, dry vermouth and regular or blue cheese stuffed green olives

• Cosmopolitan: Skyy, Cointreau cranberry and fresh lime juice

• Citrus Martini: Skyy citrus, with fresh lemon juice and Cointreau

• French Martini: Belvedere, Chambord and pineapple juice

• Parisienne: Hendrick’s, dry vermouth and crème de cassis, shaken up.

Three Martini Lunch at Le Meridien