Temporary Closings

The Parlor Closes To Review Its Game Plan

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Following neighbors’ complaints that saw the Santa Monica bar forced to reduce its hours, The Parlor has closed its doors through August. While rumors abound that the owners are permanently calling it quits and an interested party has apparently made offers to start a new restaurant here, Santa Monica Daily Press reports the closure as temporarily while owners renovate for a September 2nd reopening. And how has the recent ordinance changed business?

The opposed neighbors are thrilled that the bar has toned down its act, closing at midnight on weekends and earlier during the week. None of which has helped The Parlor. Owner Silas Gaither explains, “It’s really unfortunate to be honest. No one really goes out in Santa Monica until at least 10…For three unhappy neighbors to be able to shut down a business is pretty scary.” The situation is vastly easier in Hollywood, where Geither opened a new location of the Parlor in June, replacing the already loud and obnoxious sports bar El Guapo.

Stay tuned to The Parlor’s Facebook for updates on the re-opening.

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The Parlor Closes To Review Its Game Plan