The Must Returns While Stray Cat Struts On Its Turf

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Completing her takeover of the neighboring spaces that housed her own Weeneez and saw The Must evicted, Julie Rico opened Stray Cat Cafe yesterday. All together now: “Booooo! Hissssss!” But The Must wasn’t quietly sitting out last night’s Downtown Art Walk, popping-up at The Rossalyn Hotel instead. Que pasó?

BlogDownTown was all over the scene last night, with reporter Mike Robleto’s revealing photos of The Must’s pumped-up crowd overlooking the madness from a balcony. Meanwhile, writer Eric Richardson relayed the experience of his peer, Ed Fuentes, over at Stray Cat Cafe in writing, “Julie Rico just basically curse Ed out and told him to go away.”Sounds like good news that he wasn’t bitten too. In another beacon of hope for those who deem The Must a must: The wine bar’s pr rep revealed to L.A. Downtown News that a new location in the historic core has been secured for The Must’s revival.

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The Must Returns While Stray Cat Struts On Its Turf