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The Latest Artisan Ice-Cream-Makers, Phinizy & Phebe, Are Makin’ Bacon

Photo: Courtesy of Phinizy & Phebe

Those Irish Circle Ices aren’t the only new thing in the world of frozen treats. Suchin Pak of the Hester Street Fair tells us that along with new vendors Kickstand Coffee, White Slab (which is also busy opening a “Swedish-themed market of sorts,” according to Bowery Boogie), and Georgia’s Eastside BBQ, it’s adding ice cream by Phinizy & Phebe, a start-up from web types Jess Eddy and Crista Freeman that debuted at the Brooklyn Lyceum Fair. Like Van Leeuwen, they pride themselves on using only eggs, milk, cream, and sugar as their base, but unlike other artisan purists, their flavors (made with local ingredients whenever possible) get pretty wacky. There is, of course, a bacon-maple variety, and another is made with that drink du jour, horchata! The rest of the flavors are below.

Rico Pico
Meet our newest flavor; Rico Pico. Rico Pico packs a sweet and spicy punch with a jalapeño infused pineapple compote in a smooth Ricotta ice cream base. A kick of spice will do you nice, get some!

Our signature flavor; the inspiration for this comes from peanut butter and fluff filled Ritz sandwiches. We took this sandwich and covered it in caramel and then in chocolate. This is folded into a sweet cream base and is a flavor you will crave and possibly dream about. See our initial prototype sketch for Fluffnut »

Goat Cheese Caramel
Commonly called a “Goat Cheese Dulce De Leche,” this flavor is anything but common. We make it with a slightly tangy goat cheese and Fat Toad Farm’s goat’s milk caramel. Unassuming upon first glance this ice cream is quite surprising. Only after fully finishing your first bite will you taste all the delicious and subtle complexities.

Coconut Key Lime Pie
We’ve taken a Southern classic and created a creamy coconut and key lime concoction that you’re sure to love. This flavor has hints of tang and chunks of graham cracker making you want bite after bite.

Banana DANG!
A mind bending banana pudding flavor that will bring unknown measures of joy to your taste buds. This is quite simply, banana pudding in ice cream form with chunks of vanilla wafers and bananas to boot.

Ginger Cookie Snap!
Ginger lovers unite. We make this unique flavor with Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup and the base is combined with ginger cookies with a lemon icing filling. It’s a creamy ice cream exploding with yummy ginger goodness.

Caramel Brownie BOOM
This flavor is a sweet combination of caramel brownie in a caramel laced ice cream. There’s a touch of sea salt to heighten the senses and tiny chocolate morsels for a surprise chocolate crunch.

Maple Bacon Pecan
We couldn’t resist at making an ice cream flavor with bacon! And what goes better with bacon than maple and pecans? We take pecans and roast them with honey, sugar, cinnamon, maple syrup and bacon. This ice cream flavor almost qualifies as breakfast. Put in on your panckes and call it a day!

Horchata & Mexican Chocolate
We absolutely love Horchata. If you’re not familiar with it, Horchata (or “orxata”) varies depending on the region but usually includes milk (or rice milk), sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and other spices. It’s a common drink in Latin America and Spain. This drink just happens to make a great ice cream flavor and is a lovely summertime treat.

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The Latest Artisan Ice-Cream-Makers, Phinizy & Phebe, Are Makin’ Bacon