A Bodega Phone Book; Beer Cocktails on the Rise

• Beer cocktails, like Mayahuel’s Jardin Fresca, are on the rise in New York. [NYP]

• California’s Valley Meat Company just recalled one million pounds of ground beef. [NPR]

• More and more home bakers are selling their goodies. [Brooklyn Paper]

• Farmers who have long resisted the expensive organic-certification process are beginning to come around because of the benefits of the label. [NYT]

• New site lists the phone numbers and credit-card minimums for 100 of Manhattan’s delis. [NYP]

• Kate Moss makes her own jam. [Sun UK]

• Opinions are sharply divided over whether vegetarian couples should have to serve meat at their weddings. [NYT]

• Gulf fisheries are beginning to reopen, but the task of convincing consumers their products are safe to eat is an arduous one. [USAT]

• Despite several recent violent incidents, West 28th Street club Promenade’s cabaret license was just renewed. [NYP]

• Three people were shot in front of South Street Seaport lounge Stella following a dispute on Friday night. [NYP]

• Quiznos’ Tuna Melt combo tops a Men’s Health list of the most unhealthy value meals, beating even the Triple Baconator from Wendy’s. [NYP]

• Pet-friendly wineries are popping up throughout New York. [NYDN]

• Four years after his license expired, Frank Bruni is a licensed driver once again. [NYT]

A Bodega Phone Book; Beer Cocktails on the Rise