Watch and Munch at the Chicago Food Film Festival

A scene from the festival's New York counterpart.
A scene from the festival’s New York counterpart. Photo: Courtesy New York Food and Film Festival.

Chicago’s first-ever Food Film Festival kicks off next month on September 24 and 25, with a gimmick we can get behind: watch a movie about food, and then eat that same food (or something like it) right after. An offshoot of a similar program in New York — in 2009, a screening of Know Your Mushrooms was followed by a 10-course mushroom-inspired tasting menu; after Whole Hog, 1,000 cinephiles chowed down on pork ‘cue — the Chicago plan follows a comparable model.

On the 24th, a menu of Wisconsin State Fair goodies like fried cheese curds and corn dogs join forces with Fanny Bay oysters and a slew of exotic sodas to go along with movies about, well, oysters, state fairs, and exotic sodas. The next day, George Motz’s short The Best Hamburger in America and a feature-length Beer Wars, followed by DMK Burgers and a beer tasting. Tickets to Food Film Festival’s individual events aren’t on sale yet, but keep an eye on the tickets page for when they do.

Chicago Food Film Festival [Official Site]

Watch and Munch at the Chicago Food Film Festival