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Sang Yoon Shares His Passions and Dark Sides

Yoon's famous creation
Yoon’s famous creation Photo: Father’s Office

Sang Yoon, the big poppa of Father’s Office, spent time speaking with New York Times’ T yesterday, but nope, still won’t let loose with new Lukshon details. So what do we learn about that danged Sang and what might we surmise about his fall opening?

The 41-year-old chef counts Sriracha as a favorite provision, which should alleviate Tony Chen’s concerns about which condiment Yoon will refuse diners at his forthcoming Culver City restaurant. He’s also a fan of Ludo-idol Pierre Gagnaire and counts Santouka as a favorite, so he’s clearly found a standard-bearer to influence his own noodles, much like when he studied the country’s burgers obsessively before creating his famed sandwich.

Sharing a love for Journey with Stefan Richter, Yoon’s also a Raveonettes, Helen Stellar, Pink Floyd, and Radiohead fan who admits to the guilty pleasures of digging into some John Mayer and Del Taco on occasion, perhaps while sipping his favorite tequila. He doesn’t mention Paul Westerberg, but in a twist on the man’s words, Yoon claims he’ll drink any wine he’s handed as long as it ain’t red.

A darker side of Sang also emerges, perchance explaining the trying experience he puts diners through at F.O. The toque admits he’s “not that close to anyone” to even warrant buying gifts and, in a scarier sign for any Cali resident, is one of those people who hates the sand and avoids the beach. Whether or not he despises puppies is still not clear.

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Sang Yoon Shares His Passions and Dark Sides