The Other Critics

Sam’s Looks Better Than It Tastes; Noche Is Nicheless

• Devra First has a scant one star for Sam’s: “The deck at Sam’s, inside fashion emporium Louis on Fan Pier, may be the most romantic, idyllic, vacation-like spot to eat in the city. It is, therefore, nearly tragic that the restaurant is so far from ready for prime time.” [Globe]

• Robert Nadeau gives Noche two stars: “Its two good ideas are interesting appetizers to have with drinks, and late hours (bar menu nightly until 1 am). Much else at Noche is good but generic.” [Phoenix]

• Mat Schaffer has a C for Mumbai Chopstix. Unfortunately, “too many dishes seem repetitive: protein and veggies awash in the same gloppy sauce.” [Herald]

• Cheap Eats stops by the brand-new Flatbread Company in Somerville and promises that you will “leave as you entered: smiling.” [Globe]

• MC Slim JB drops by the Brookline Olecito, and though it “feels a bit too much like a glossy franchise operation to evoke a traditional taqueria, but its really fine tacos make that easy to forgive.” [Phoenix]

Sam’s Looks Better Than It Tastes; Noche Is Nicheless