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Red-Tape Relief: DOH Passes 80 Percent of Eateries, SLA Prunes Its Hedges

A couple of our favorite bureaucratic agencies are patting themselves on the back today. First, the Department of Health has announced that restaurants are faring even better than predicted under its new letter-grading system. Says the release: “A new summary from the Health Department shows that 80% of the 250 restaurants to complete graded inspections have earned A or B grades. Nearly half — 48% — have earned A’s for their sanitary conditions and food safety practices. Another 31% have achieved B’s. Just 12% of this initial sample received C grades, and 8% were closed until they could correct direct health hazards.” Meanwhile, a release from the State Liquor Authority shares some more good news for restaurant owners.

New York State Liquor Authority Chairman Dennis Rosen announced
today that the SLA has rescinded 1,592 outdated and obsolete divisional orders, bulletins, and circulars. Over the past six months, SLA staff perused thousands of orders and bulletins in an effort to eliminate archaic and unnecessary policy directives, many dating back to the 1930’s. After thorough analysis by agency staff, 125 directives remain active, consisting of 39 divisional orders, 84 bulletins and 2 circular letters. These directives have been scanned and posted on the agency website for public comment.

The release doesn’t say which rules were rescinded (you can see the remaining ones here), but needless to say, it sounds like it’s going to be less of a hassle for restaurateurs to determine where exactly the Authority stands on thorny issues like beer pong.

Eighty percent of NYC Restaurants Are Achieving A and B Grades for Food Safety and Sanitary Conditions [NYC]

Red-Tape Relief: DOH Passes 80 Percent of Eateries, SLA Prunes Its Hedges