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Shocker: Phillip Foss Leaves Lockwood

What's next?
What’s next? Photo: The Pickled Tongue

After three years running the show at Lockwood at the Palmer House Hilton, chef Phillip Foss has turned in his toque. Foss made his name at Lockwood almost as much on the strength of his internet-savviness as he did on his cuisine, and he admits as much in the blog post in which he announces his departure: “It has been a long and winding road from the first time my internet personality took over the virtual Lockwood landscape, and this aspect has been as much a part of this downfall as it was part of the ascent.”

When we ran into Foss at the National Restaurant Association show earlier this year, he was excited about the possibility of taking his cuisine to the streets in a food truck, a concept that seemed a little at odds with the brick-and-mortar sobriety of his now former Palmer House location. He’s hitting the ground running with that concept: today, he and wife Kenni served up his “meaty balls” and her “puffy pan bread” during a pop-up takeover of Matt Maroni’s Gaztro-Wagon, the brick-and-mortar restaurant that is understood to be the precursor of a food truck operation. We also can’t help but notice that his blog, formerly known as The Pickled Tongue, has been rechristened The Pickled Tongue and Puffy Pan Bread Chronicles — a hint of next steps to come?

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Shocker: Phillip Foss Leaves Lockwood