Phillip Foss Asks “Matt, Can I Borrow the Gaztro-Wagon?”

Kenni Foss's puffy pan bread.
Kenni Foss’s puffy pan bread. Photo: Courtesy The Pickled Tongue

Phillip Foss has been a big backer of/talker about the whole food truck business; Sunday you’ll have the chance to taste what he and his wife Kenni have in mind for theirs. They’ll be taking over Matt Maroni’s Gaztro-Wagon (the actual physical restaurant at 5973 N. Clark, not the one on wheels) to showcase their different concepts throughout the day. Here’s the schedule and menu.

8am until they run out

Homemade donuts: Vanilla cream/Nutella/Apricot jam $2

10am-2pm brunch

Golden Brick
Oozing egg in crispy brick pastry $4

The Foss Hog on Puffy Pan Bread
Homemade sausage patties, two fried eggs, maple mayo $9

Hopple Popple
Scramble of eggs, Rumanian salami, potatoes, onion, peppers; served with choice of toast $8

Nicole’s Brioche French Toast
Peach melba accompaniments: vanilla ice cream, raspberry air $10

Farmer’s Market tomatoes, four-cheese home fries; choice of toast $8

Bacon $3
Sausage Patties $4
Home Fries $2
Brioche Toast $3

Coffee, Decaf, Tea, Soda $2

2pm-8pm The Meatyballs Mobile

Meatball sliders on Puffy Pan Bread with Les Freres farmstead cheese sauce $4

This food truck thing must be getting closer for them, because Foss also announced that he’s renamed his blog The Pickled Tongue & Puffy Pan Bread Chronicles. Food trucks, pop-up restaurants, chef blogs, celebrity hot dogs… it’s the entire Chicago food world of 2010 in one place for a day!

Popping Up!!!! [The Pickled Tongue & Puffy Pan Bread Chronicles]

Phillip Foss Asks “Matt, Can I Borrow the Gaztro-Wagon?”