Notes on Farmers’ Market Etiquette; Yogurt Is Everywhere

• A few thoughts on farmers’ market faux pas and manners in general, like don’t squeeze and grab everything, and don’t haggle. [CHOW]

• The 18th Street Block Party happens this Saturday from 12 to 4 p.m. [7x7]

• Heads up: Michael Mina will be serving its last dinner September 11, before undergoing a quick make-under to become Bourbon Steak. [Scoop, Earlier]

• Yogurt is everywhere and enthusiasts can’t stop extolling its health benefits. [NYO]

• The egg-based salmonella outbreak could have been prevented by a low-cost hen vaccine. [Salon]

• Also, the massive egg recall will likely cause a hike in egg prices. [USA Today]

• More and more coffee shops are discouraging, or even outright banning, laptops. [NYT]

• As the interest in artisanal foods grows, food styling trends have switched from a super-clean, flawless look to a messy, handmade one. [WSJ]

• A packaging company that sells at Wal-Mart recalled 380,000 pounds of deli meat for fear of listeria yesterday. [CNN]

• Now that soda’s off the menu, many school districts are banning chocolate milk. [NYT]

• Though the FDA says everything’s fine, consumers seem split on the safety of Gulf seafood. [WSJ]

Notes on Farmers’ Market Etiquette; Yogurt Is Everywhere