New Le Fooding Face-Off Posters Fan Flames of S.F. vs. NYC Rivalry
David Chang vs. Daniel Patterson

The new website and boxing-match-style posters are up for Le Grand Fooding, which is happening September 24 and 25 at PS1 in Queens and features teams of chefs facing off from San Francisco and New York. We’re pretty sure that San Franciscans are more aware of David Chang’s figs-on-a-plate comment last year than the average New Yorker, and that the imagined rivalry between our two cities is more in the minds of San Francisco’s chefs than it is in New York’s, but the French hipsters behind Le Fooding are rubbing their hands with glee over this showdown, following on their N.Y. vs. France showdown of last year.

We already showed you the lineup, and you can’t buy your tickets for the event until September 13 at 2 p.m. (ET?), but you can take a look at our slideshow of the posters of the contenders (Hallowell looks seriously ready to bite someone’s ear off), as well as several choice quotes below regarding the S.F. vs. N.Y. thing, including this one which Grub Street just received from S.F. mixology contender Erick Castro.

Erick Castro
(formerly of Rickhouse): “I am gonna get down like Macho Man Randy Savage on Jim [Mehan of Please Don’t Tell]. It’s gonna be elbow drops and four-figure leg locks on anyone that dares to step in my path!”

Jeremy Fox (formerly of Ubuntu, Napa): “So basically the argument is New York technique versus California ingredients; but oh shit…look who’s got both now. Watch out!”

Laurence Jossel
(Nopa, SF): “In all my eating trips to New York, nothing I have eaten has come close to the sensual perfection of a tree-ripened Northern California Black Mission fig - except maybe the pastrami at Katz’s Deli.”

Mourad Lahlou (Aziza, SF): “The best thing I have ever eaten at any of David’s restaurants was the second dozen of fresh oysters I ordered at Ssam bar without the kimchi consommé.”

Daniel Patterson (Coi, SF): “David who?”

Robert Newton (Seersucker, NY): “I’ve been too busy these days to stay on top of the San Francisco food scene, but I am sure it’s great. Let’s face it though, New York is the center of the food world in America. And besides, it’s all about Brooklyn right now.”

James Syhabout
(Commis, Oakland): “To keep it simple, best rhymes with West.”

Dan Barber (Blue Hill, NY): “Looking forward to learning how to wrap a great burrito.”

Nate Appleman (Pulino’s, NY): “The difference between New York and San Francisco is that SF is a food city and NY is a restaurant city.”

Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone
(Torrisi, NY): “When Sinatra said ‘if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere,’ he wasn’t talking about San Fran!”

See the events and menus for Friday, September 24 (note Fox’s dish, titled “vegetables on a plate”), and Saturday, September 25. All proceeds from the events go to support Action Against Hunger.

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New Le Fooding Face-Off Posters Fan Flames of S.F. vs. NYC Rivalry